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  • HOW DID YOU DECIDE WHAT TO CHARGE? - This Programme is the equivalent of what would be covered in 10 sessions of therapy. That would be worth in excess of £1500. The entire programme including 2 live sessions costs £349 (Earlybird special of £199 is valid until one week prior to course starting) for a limited time only, so that it can be more accessible and be more affordable for more families with autistic children.

  • WHAT HAPPENS IF I CHANGE MY MIND? If you change your mind within 14 days of purchase, you are welcome to a full refund.

  • WHY CAN'T I JUST ACCESS IT ALL TODAY? - The sessions are set up like an interactive programme and is a combination of live sessions as well as recordings. It follows a specific curriculum. The content is released at a rate of one session per week so that you have time to practice the ideas, try out the new life skills and slowly change the way that you do things to ensure that changes are more long-lasting.

  • WHAT IS INCLUDED IN EACH SESSION? - Each session contains an interactive video as well as accompanying worksheets. There is also a contents page so that you can easily find the parts that you would like to watch again. There are 2 live sessions and the dates and Zoom details are released on the Monday of the session.

  • HOW DOES IT WORK? - You can share your learning with your child, view the videos with them, or give them some of the sessions to view themselves. You decide what you think will be useful and introduce it at a pace that works for you and your child. By the end of the program you will have created a visual workbook that your child can refer back to when needed.

  • HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAMME? - You will have ongoing access to the programme so that you and your child can rewatch sessions when needed.

  • WHAT IF I NEED MORE SUPPORT? - One off sessions are available with Leanne directly, at a cost of £180 per one hour session.

  • DO YOU OFFER THIS PROGRAMME IN MY AREA? - This is an online programme and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world

  • CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE PSYCHOLOGIST RUNNING THE PROGRAMME? - To learn more about Leanne Cowan and her experience, please visit our website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

This course is an adapted and more detailed version of our P.O.W.E.R. course to support autistic children

All that POWER offers and also Includes 2 LIVE Zoom Q and A Session with an experienced Clinical Child Psychologist

What Parents are Saying...

“The POWER course highlighted the vital elements underpinning emotional wellbeing and offered really useful strategies and techniques to bring about positive change. Leanne presents a comprehensive guide to understanding a child’s anxiety, underlining the fundamental role that parents play in both building a calmer environment and facilitating a more resilient mindset for children. A valuable resource for parents to retain, revisit and incorporate into the everyday care of children’s mental health.”

Naomi, children with ASD and ADHD aged 16 & 13

“The POWER course is packed with valuable insights, clever analogies and practical strategies for helping children cope with anxiety, anger and social challenges. In particular, the course helped me, as a parent, better understand my children. I connected with the gentle approaches for encouraging communication and optimism. Thank you so much for this eye-opening course. The concepts and strategies are relevant for every parent.”

Nili, children 9 & 12

““I have found this course really enlightening and I have been surprised at how much of it is applicable to my life and my family. I have learnt so much and feel that Leanne has a wonderful expertise in this field. By doing this course ( as opposed to taking my child to a therapist ) I am now able to offer support myself, model behaviour and improve communication with my children . I didn’t realise I could be so instrumental in helping my children with the difficulties they face, and I feel almost privileged to be sharing this journey with them now. Leanne has given me more confidence to be able to help my children manage their anxiety in a healthy way, and to ultimately encourage them to be the best that they can be. Thank you!””

Claire, children 9 & 13

More about what parents are saying:

“As a mother to a daughter who was diagnosed with ASD in her teens, this course has been amazing in helping me understand how she thinks and what fuels her behaviours and how I can help her navigate life with little tools and techniques. ”

Rebecca (Child with ASD 13)

“This course has been a most amazing experience. I have found it extremely informative and helpful in helping me support my kids through their challenges. The course was concise, visual and most importantly practical. I have come away feeling empowered with unique strategies and tools that actually work. I can not recommend Leanne and her course highly enough!! ”

Shelly (parent to 13, 11, 8 and 4 year olds)

“I have done a few parenting courses over the years and this course is completely different to anything else I have tried. It is exactly what it says - It is original, engaging and is full of concepts and tools that actually work. It is a course that has helped me as a parent and it has helped me to help my children. Leanne says it helps with understanding emotions shifting thinking, creating hope for change, managing anxiety, helping with outbursts, low self-esteem, and friendships. It really does help. I have learnt a lot about myself and managing my own emotions as well as having a calmer, happier child who feels more in control of himself and likes himself more! There is no other course like it - it is powerful, effective and in my opinion, a mental health game changer.”

Sarah (parent to an 11 year old)